Diamond Blades for Brick and Stone

Tile Cutting Diamond Blades

 We serve Ireland with diamond blades, cutting discs, core drill bits and other diamond and abrasive technology products.

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  • We keep almost everything you find on this site in stock to provide excellent delivery service throughout Ireland. 

Most Popular: For Performance and Value Multi-Slysa and Multi-Slysa Premium Plus Diamond Blades

Diamond BladesWith durable laser welded segments, a high diamond concentration and fast cutting turbo segments, Multi-Slysa diamond blades are a ideal when you want to use one blade for a wide range of materials and just quickly get on with the job. Upgrade to Multi-Slysa Premium Plus and you can quickly slice through the hardest materials and cut ductile metal such a re-bar and scaffold.

NEW Halo Discs For Grinding, Smoothing and Polishing Concrete

Halo Concrete Polishing Discs           Halo polishing disc to fit angle grinders



A superb solution for smoothing and sanding concrete, these discs fit standard angle grinders as well as floor grinders and polishers. They are stocked in grades ranging from 30 to 400, for light grinding through to polishing. Two sizes are stocked with M14 fixings to fit any grinder from 115mm to 230mm. 

 Lazer - Premier Diamond Core Bits. Now Includes Extended Length For Deep Walls  

Lazer Diamond Dry Core Bits

These superb dry diamond core bits speed up the job of coring walls, whether they are made of brick, stone or concrete. They will even cope with reinforcing bar in concrete.  Rugged laser welded construction combined with premium grade diamond and several design features to remove dust from the cutting face, result in a faster working core bit. NEW A range of extended length barrel bits has been added to help core through thicker walls, including those with loose in-fill. 

NEW - Ceramic Flap Discs. 3 Times More Grinding Life - More Grinding Per Euro

Now in stock, a new range of ceramic abrasive flap discs, giving a better way to grind most steel, especially stainless steel. With a price premium of only around 50%, the massive increase in life means a lot more grinding done per Euro than with traditional zirconium flap discs. Ceramic abrasive also cuts faster, saving valuable time as well as money. Ceramic Flap Disc


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