Metal Polishing Compound
Metal Polishing Compound
Metal Polishing Felt Disc
Inoxiclean Metal Restoration Kit
Unitised SAG Metal Polishing Disc

Metal Polishing Discs & Kits

Working with Cibo Abrasives, specialists in stainless steel polishing products, we have compiled a range of metel polishing products to speed up the process by achieving superb finishes in fewer stages. The unitised discs for example to achieve a bright polish from a sanded base of around 220 grade. The items in this section include:

Unitised Discs: Sometimes known as pre-polishing discs, these discs can remove several sanding stages. Use grade 5 after 220 or 320 grade, then you can go straight to the final polishing stages.

Felt Polishing Discs: These useful discs fits rotary polishers and angle grinders. Use with suitable polishing compounds to achieve a high lustre or even a mirror finish.

Polishing Compounds: We have selected 2 grades for use after a grade 5 unitised disc to finish polish as required.

Inoxiclean Restore: This kit contains everything you need to restore tanished stainless steel to a bright finish. 

All of these items can be purchased on our Abrasives World website which is now enabled for deliveries to the Republic of Ireland.

Unitised SAG Pre-Polishing Discs

Unitised Metal Polishing Disc.  Unitised (SAG) discs can save a lot of time in polishing metal. 

Metal Polishing Felt Disc

Metal Polishing Felt Disc  These felt discs are ideal for applying high grade polishes to metal using suitable polishing compounds.

Metal Polishing Compounds

Metal Polishing Compound Bar These compounds have been chosen to produce high lustre, bright and mirror finishes to metal such as stainless steel.

Inoxiclean Stainless Steel Restoration Kit

Inoxiclean Restore Kit  This kit will restore the bright finish of stainless steel and other metals. 

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