Tile Slysa Premium for porcelain, glass and ceramic, size 180mm.
Tile Slysa Premium for porcelain, glass and ceramic, size 180mm.
Tile Slysa Premium for porcelain, glass and ceramic, thin edged blades.

Tile Slysa Premium Diamond Blades For Glass and Porcelain

Applications: For porcelain & glass, as well as ceramic tiles, marble and granite slabs. For use on tile cutting machines and angle grinders. This is usually the best selection for glass tiles.


  • Ultra thin section for concentrated neat slicing action.
  • Fine, smooth cutting performance.
  • Laser cut slits in rim allow for dry cutting with angle grinders (excl 355mm).
  • Sizes for most wet cutting tile blades and angle grinders.
  • Discounted prices for popular sizes in quantity.

Note: If the size you require is not listed, it may be available in the Tile Slysa Turbo Premium range.

Dia (mm)
Bore (mm)Width (mm)QtyPart No.Price€*
105161.5118161£12.80€14.85 Buy now
105161.5318162£32.64€37.86 Buy now
105161.51018165£96.00€111.36 Buy now
11022.21.5118071£14.00€16.24 Buy now
11022.21.5318072£35.70€41.41 Buy now
11022.21.51018075£105.00€121.80 Buy now
11522.21.5118091£15.00€17.40 Buy now
11522.21.5318092£38.25€44.37 Buy now
11522.21.51018095£112.00€129.92 Buy now
12522.21.5118101£16.00€18.56 Buy now
12522.21.5318102£40.80€47.33 Buy now
12522.21.51018105£120.00€139.20 Buy now
15022.21.6118151£18.00€20.88 Buy now
15022.21.6318152£45.90€53.24 Buy now
15025.41.6118111£18.00€20.88 Buy now
15025.41.6318112£45.90€53.24 Buy now
15025.41.61018115£135.00€156.60 Buy now
18022.21.6118121£22.00€25.52 Buy now
18022.21.6318122£56.10€65.08 Buy now
18022.21.61018125£165.00€191.40 Buy now
18025.41.6118131£22.00€25.52 Buy now
18025.41.6318132£56.10€65.08 Buy now
18025.41.61018135£165.00€191.40 Buy now
20025.41.6118141£27.00€31.32 Buy now
20025.41.6318142£68.85€79.87 Buy now
20025.41.61018145£202.50€234.90 Buy now
35525.42.2118171£64.00€74.24 Buy now
35525.42.2318172£163.20€189.31 Buy now
* Based upon the exchange rate of £0.86 to €1


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