Zirconium fibre backed sanding disc.
Zirconium fibre backed sanding disc.
Backing Pad For Fibre Sanding Discs

Zirconium Abrasive Sanding Discs, Fibre Backed

Applications: For weld removal, metal grinding, shaping, de-burring and cleaning, including mild steel, cast iron, stainless and hard alloys.


  • Zirconium abrasive far outlasts and out-performs aluminium oxide.
  • Good quality West European manufacture.
  • From grade 24 (extra coarse) to 120 grade (fine)
  • 24-50 grades for grinding off. 60-120 grades for blending and cleaning.
  • For use on standard 115mm or 180mm backing pads on angle grinders.
  • Backing pads suit all standard angle grinders. (Appearance may vary).
  • Packed in 50s, discounted price for batches of 100.
Dia (mm)
BoreGradeQtyPart No.Price€*
11522245025755£29.60€34.93 Buy now
115222410025756£51.80€61.12 Buy now
11522365025765£28.80€33.98 Buy now
115223610025766£50.40€59.47 Buy now
11522605025775£26.80€31.62 Buy now
115226010025776£46.90€55.34 Buy now
11522805025785£24.80€29.26 Buy now
115228010025786£43.40€51.21 Buy now
115221205025795£24.00€28.32 Buy now
1152212010025796£42.00€49.56 Buy now
115M14Backing Pad110081£7.60€8.97 Buy now
18022245023183£44.50€52.51 Buy now
180222410023185£80.00€94.40 Buy now
18022405023193£41.50€48.97 Buy now
180224010023195£72.00€84.96 Buy now
18022505023203£39.00€46.02 Buy now
180225010023205£67.00€79.06 Buy now
18022605023212£39.00€46.02 Buy now
180226010023215£67.00€79.06 Buy now
18022805023222£37.50€44.25 Buy now
180228010023225£64.00€75.52 Buy now
180221205023232£37.50€44.25 Buy now
1802212010023235£64.00€75.52 Buy now
180M14Backing Pad110121£16.30€19.23 Buy now
* Based upon the exchange rate of £0.85 to €1


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