3in (75mm) Diamond Slitting Wheel For Cutting Metal
3in (75mm) Diamond Slitting Wheel For Cutting Metal
Arbour (Mandrel) For 75mm (3") Slitting Discs

Applications: Whilst this wheel will cut just about anything solid, its main application is in metal slitting and cutting, including slitting sheet metal and renovation work, such as cutting off rusted bolts. In these application it typically outlasts 30-50 conventional abrasive slitting discs. Another of its key advantages is that it holds close to its original size throughout its life, whereas a normal 3in slitting disc will rapidly reduce in size. It has a standard 3/8" (9.6mm) centre for mounting on suitable arbours or mandrels (available). The speed rating is 25,000rpm to be suitable for use on air tools.


  • 3/8" bore for mounting on suitable arbours.
  • Diamond abrasive, externally bonded - will cut a wide range of materials.
  • Vacuum brazed for rugged secure bonding of the diamond.
  • Max: 25,000rpm.
  • Arbour has 6mm shank, suitable for airtools and drills.

Also Available: We have a full range of multi-materials 'Rescue' diamond blades of a similar specification for angle grinders and petrol saws.

Purchasing: For prices and purchasing, please see our Abrasives World website.


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