Quick Change, Roloc Type Sanding Discs

Quick Change (Roloc™ compatible) Sanding Discs - 50mm (2in)

Applications: These discs are for use on quick change holders, compatible with Roloc, Lockit and other branded screw-on systems, on a wide range of tools, including air tools, angle grinders, metal finishing machines and drills. Their main use is on applications where detailed sanding is required such as body repairs, window frames, sculpture, weld removal and blending and general fabrication. They can be used on metal, fillers and wood. They are also suitable for use on stainless steel and harder alloys, especially in the coarser grade 24-120 grits which use zirconium abrasive.


  • Button mounted compatible with Roloc™ and similar systems.
  • Suitable for air-tools.
  • Grades 24 (ultra-coarse) to 320 (very fine).
  • High performance zirconium abrasive (green/blue) used in coarser grades 24-120.
  • Aluminium oxide abrasive used in finer grades 180-320.
  • Packed in 50s for superb value, with even lower unit prices on batches of 200 disc.

Also Available: We also stock Roloc compatible stripping discs and surface conditioning (SCM) discs in 50mm. We also supply quick change holders.

Roloc™ is a trade mark of 3M Corp.

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24Zirconium5022502£24.90€28.88 Buy now
24Zirconium20022505£69.72€80.88 Buy now
36Zirconium5022512£24.00€27.84 Buy now
36Zirconium20022515£67.20€77.95 Buy now
50Zirconium5022522£23.00€26.68 Buy now
50Zirconium20022525£64.40€74.70 Buy now
60Zirconium5022532£22.00€25.52 Buy now
60Zirconium20022535£61.60€71.46 Buy now
80Zirconium5022542£21.00€24.36 Buy now
80Zirconium20022545£58.80€68.21 Buy now
120Zirconium5022552£21.00€24.36 Buy now
120Zirconium20022555£58.80€68.21 Buy now
180Al-Oxide5022562£20.50€23.78 Buy now
180Al-Oxide20022565£57.40€66.58 Buy now
240Al-Oxide5022572£20.50€23.78 Buy now
240Al-Oxide20022575£57.40€66.58 Buy now
320Al-Oxide5022582£20.50€23.78 Buy now
320Al-Oxide20022585£57.40€66.58 Buy now
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