Quick change, Roloc type, surface conditioning discs.

Quick Change (Roloc™ Compatible) Surface Conditioning Discs - 75mm (3in)

Applications: Surface conditioning discs are for metal finishing, although they can also be used to de-nib and smooth hardwood. They will clean metal surfaces, removing rust and coatings, blend welds, remove scratches and brighten metal. They leave a swirl pattern in the metal, which can either be a finish in its own right or as preparation for coating or polishing. Use coarse grade for heavy cleaning duty and weld blending, medium for light coating removal and fine for finishing and brightening.


  • Button mounted compatible with Roloc™ and similar systems.
  • Suitable for air tools.
  • Stocked in grades Fine (blue/grey), Medium (red) and Coarse (brown).
  • Made with non-woven abrasive material.
  • Packed in 25s for value. 

Also Available: We stock suitable holders for quick change discs.

DescriptionQtyPart No.Price€*
CoarseBrown2522712£28.80€33.41 Buy now
FineBlue2522732£28.80€33.41 Buy now
Medium Red2522722£28.80€33.41 Buy now
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