About us

Serving Ireland

Right Lines Ltd was set up in northern England in 2003 with the aim of serving the building and metalworking sectors directly with great value abrasive technology products. In 2019 it was integrated into sister company Abrasives For Industry Ltd under the Abrasives World brand. We have a established a strong reputation for good quality, backed by great service. This was quickly identified by astute buyers in Ireland and so we made it much easier for Irish customers to buy direct. Now customers in Ireland can enjoy the easy search, purchase and payment facilities on the Abrasives World website, with subsidised carriage charges for delivery to Ireland. 

Abrasives For Industry Ltd - A Better Supplier

We are different because we are abrasive technology specialists, so we can specify and source great abrasive based products, such as diamond blades. We sell direct, keeping cost low, so we can offer better value and, as we keep almost everything you find on this site in stock, we provide excellent service.

Keeping Prices Low

With the Abrasives For Industry Ltd business model, low prices can be achieved without compromising product quality. We never supply ‘DIY’ grade products that are commonly associated with cheap prices. For example our professional grade General Purpose Diamond blades are exceptionaly low priced, but offer great performance and 7mm deep diamond segments.

How do we do it?

  • We are a small family business with careful control of overhead costs.
  • We don’t employ sales reps, so you don’t pay their wages or commissions in your prices.
  • We work with selected manufacturing partners internationally and get the best products at internationally competitive prices.
  • We sell direct to you.

So you spend less money buying better products.

High Quality and Great Specifications

As you would expect our products are fully guaranteed against defective materials and workmanship.

We are always happy to advise on the best selection for your application. Our range grows continuously as we respond to changing needs.

Abrasives For Industry Ltd - Company Details

Registered in England and Wales. Company Reg: 5864161.

Registered Office and Trading address: Units 24 & 25 Skirsgill Business Park, Redhills, Penrith CA11 0FD, UK

VAT No: 886689046 GB

 Member of the Federation of Small Businesses