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Grinding Discs
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Cutting & Grinding Discs & Wheels

Product Range Information: Our bonded abrasive discs are made from synthetic resin mixed with selected abrasive grain and bonded onto a fibreglass structure. This gives them strength and durability. Our cutting discs are all offered in flat format (Type 41), as these are all for edge use. Grinding discs are stocked with depressed centre format (Type 27), which makes it easier to present the face to the work-piece.

All of our bonded abrasive discs comply with EN12413, are safety marked in English and with internationally recognised safety symbols and are batch and date marked for traceability.

Products: Both cutting and grinding discs are stocked in standard and stainless steel options. Stainless steel specifications are also suitable for mild steel.

For stone cutting we recommend diamond blades as these are far more durable and safer in this application. See diamond blades for construction.


Metal Cutting Discs

Our abrasive metal cutting discs are available in four designs, standard up to 355mm (14in), thin slitting discs from 75mm to 355mm (14in), premium thin cutting discs and high speed petrol saws wheels. All comply with EN12413.

Metal Grinding Discs

Metal grinding discs We offer metal grinding discs for most popular angle grinders.