Metal Cutting Discs
Metal Cutting Discs
Petrol saw metal cutting disc
Stainless steel thin cutting discs
Premium Metal Cutting Discs

Metal Cutting Discs & Wheels

We offer 5 ranges of cutting discs:

All are flat profile for ease of alignment. They all comply with EN12413. The key differences with the thin stainless steel grades are: they cut harder metals faster, produce less waste and create less heat.

The high speed petrol saw wheels address the needs of latest generation petrol saws which require a peripheral speed of 100m/s.

We stock most sizes up to 355mm.

Metal Cutting Chop Saw Wheels

Metal cutting discs Our 355mm metal cutting wheels are for cutting mild steel with bench mounted chop saw wheels.

Thin Cutting & Slitting Discs, Stainless Steel Grade

Thin metal cutting discs Our thin discs are highly popular for their speed of cut and life. Thin discs cut faster, waste less and produce less heat. Suitable for all steel grades for mild to hard alloys.

Metal Cutting Wheels For Petrol Saws

Metal cutting disc for petrol saws. These discs were specially developed for the latest generation of high speed hand held petrol saws.

Premium Thin Metal Cutting Discs

Thin Metal Cutting Discs - Right Lines Premium  Our Premium thin metal cutting discs give a very big increase in life for a very small cost premium.

3in Diamond Cutting Wheels

3in (75mm) Diamond Slitting Wheel For Cutting Metal  These 3" (75mm) diamond wheels are a great alternative to conventional slitting discs and typically last 30-50 times longer on metal.