Ceramic Flap Disc, FHCC

Ceramic Abrasive Flap Discs

Applications: Ceramic flap discs really perform best when grinding steel, including stainless and hard alloys. They typically give three times the life of zirconium equivalents, meaning fewer disc changes, but also offering better value in terms of work done per Euro spent. They also grind much faster, giving a further valuable saving in time spent. They are stocked in the main grinding grades 40 and 60 grit. These flap discs have been selected from Cibo Abrasives of Belgium for their excellent performance and life on metal.


  • Ceramic abrasive grain on durable cloth flaps for long life.
  • Available in grades 40 (coarse) and 60 (more controlled) grinding.
  • Mounted on fibreglass backing - no backing pad needed.
  • Slightly conical (T29) profile for ease of surface contact.
  • Complies with EN14713.
  • Quality product. Made in EU.
  • Packed in 10s (discounted), but sold as required.

Also Available: For flap discs in sizes 100mm and 180mm, see our premium zirconium range.

Purchasing: These Cibo ceramic flap discs are sold with quantity discounts on our Abrasives World website.

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