Zirconium fibre backed sanding disc.
Zirconium fibre backed sanding disc.
Semi-flexible disc.
Heavy Duty discs

Coarse Sanding Discs

When you need to move materials quickly, coarser grades work faster. We offer solutions for different materials:

Fibre Backed Sanding Discs: Zirconium abrasive discs for sanding and grinding metal, including stainless steel. From grade 24 and finer.

Semi-Flexible Discs: Thick abrasive discs with silicon carbide abrasive, ideal for concrete, brick and masonry. Grades 36 or 80.

Heavy Duty Discs: Extremely coarse grade silicon carbide abrasive for grinding concrete & masonry and tough metalworking applications such as removing coarse mill scale. Grade 8 & 16.

Also Available: We also have coarse grade 40 and finer in grip backed sanding disc and flap discs in grades 40 and finer.

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Fibre Backed Sanding Discs - Zirconium

Zirconium fibre backed sanding disc. Zirconium abrasive fibre backed discs for grinding metal. Great on all steels.

Semi-Flexible Abrasive Discs

Semi flexible abrasive disc. Semi-flexible discs provide a heavy duty solution for sanding concrete and masonry.

Heavy Duty Abrasive Discs

Heavy Duty Abrasive Discs These heavy duty abrasive discs are available in ultra-coarse grades 8 and 16, to give aggressive action on stone, masonry, concrete and brick, as well as on floors to clean adhesives.