Crack Chasing Diamond Blade, 115mm
Crack Chasing Diamond Blade, 115mm
Crack Chasing Diamond Blade, 180mm for 230mm Angle Grinders
Axe-head profile on crack chasing diamond blade.

Crack Chasing Diamond Blades

Applications: These blades are specificaly designed to open up cracks in concrete in order to repair them. They leave clean edges and a neat opening to pour in the filler compound. They are used on standard angle grinders, with the 180mm size recommended for 230mm (9in) grinders, due to its high inertia. They use premium diamond set into laser welded segments in order to be effective in cured concrete with hard aggregates.


  • Axe-head profile diamond segments to effectively open the cracks.
  • Premium grade diamond for hard aggregates.
  • Laser welded segments for durability.
  • Suitable for angle grinders.
  • Discounted prices for just 3 pcs.

 Also Available: For smoothing concrete we offer an extrensive range of diamond grinders, such as 'L' segment grinders.

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