Multi-Slysa and Multi-Slysa Premium.

Diamond Blades and Diamond Grinding Discs

Our diamond blades includes multi-purpose blades for general building and site use and an excellent range of speciality blades. Multi-purpose blade ranges include:

  • General Purpose: For suberb value blades that do most site work, concrete products, facing bricks, sandstone etc.
  • Multi-Slysa: Rugged laser welded diamond blades with a higher diamond grade and turbo segments for faster cutting of harder materials. A great all-round blade giving suberb performance and long life for contractors.
  • Multi-Slysa Premium Plus: Similar to Multi-Slysa, but with top grade diamond clusters to cut the hardest stone and brick - a real problem solver! 15mm deep diamond segments provide a long life and better value.
  • Rescue Blades: These blades have externally bonded diamond and are a great solution for cutting multiple materials, beyond masonry and brick. These will also cut metal, wood, mixed materials and composites, fibreglass, cable etc. Ideal for demolition, recycling etc.

Our speciality diamond blades include:

  • Tile Cutting Blades: In 3 ranges to cut anything from ceramic tiles to the hardest grades of porcelain.
  • Mortar Raking Blades: In 2 ranges in sizes from 115mm to 230mm.
  • Crack Chasing Blades: With axe-head profile diamond segments to prepare concrete cracks for repair.
  • Shaping Blades: Also known as 'vanity' blades (used for cutting out for vanity basins etc). Ideal for cutting, grinding and shaping stone such as granite. The ideal sculpture's blade.
  • Precision Granite Turbo Blades: for fast neat cutting of hard materials with 230mm angle grinders or 12in petrol saws.

Diamond Blades For Construction & Renovation.

Premium Universal Diamond Blade Great diamond blades for contractors and builders who need to cut a wide range of materials. We also have specialised products such as Road Slitta asphalt blades and mortar raking blades.

Diamond Blades For Tiles

Porcelain Tile Cutting Blade We stock tile cutting diamond blades for almost every angle grinder and tile saw to cut almost every tile.

Diamond Grinding and Routing

Diamond Grinder We supply a range of diamond grinding discs to suit angle grinders and floor preparation machines. Our diamond routers enable granite worktops to be profiled.

Mortar Raking

Mortar Raking Diamond Blades We offer economical dual cut mortar raking diamond blades as well as highly durable premium designs, which are now available up to 230mm dia. We also have mortar raking fingers in 2 diameters.

Rescue Blades

Rescue Diamond Blade 300mm Rescue blades are no longer just for fire and rescue crews. These blades cut almost anything and are an ideal tool for most trade professionals with things to cut.

Diamond Polishing Pads & Hand Blocks

Diamond polishing pads We offer diamond pads and hand-blocks for brightening and polishing granite, marble, stone and even concrete. We also offer innovative solutions for concrete floor polishing.