Diamond core drill bits

Diamond Core Drills For Brick and Masonry

Drilling a cored hole in brick and stone can be a slow and frustrating task with an inadequate core bit. That is why we only stock premium laser welded core core bits. We offer great diamond core drill sets and individual core drill bits. If you buy the set, you can be sure you can also purchase replacements from us to keep your kit complete. You can also buy the accessories you need to fit your drill.

Core Drill Accessories

SDS adaptor for core drills We provide core drill bit adaptors to suit hexagon and SDS type power drills, along with the necessary guide drills.

Premium Lazer Diamond Core Drill Bits

Lazer diamond dry core drill bits. 'Lazer' diamond core drill bits designed to give faster coring through harder materials, including reinforcing bar.

Extended Dry Diamond Core Bits For Thicker Walls

Extended Length Diamond Core Drill Bit  These extended length core bits offer a solution to dry drilling into thicker stone walls, especially those with loose in-fill.

Wet Use Diamond Core Drill Bits

Wet Diamond Core Drill Bit  We stock a range of quality core drill bits for wet use, in diameters 52mm to 200mm.