Tile cutting diamond disc blades

Diamond Disc Blades For Tile Saws & Angle Grinders

We stock a wide selection of tile cutting disc blades to cater for almost every angle grinder and wet tile saw. There are 3 ranges of 'Tile Slysa' (pronounced Tile Slicer) discs to slice tiles of different materials and thicknesses.

  1. Tile Slysa: Professional duty ceramic tile blades with smooth continuous rims. Also for most quarry floor tiles.
  2. Tile Slysa Premium:  A thin blade with premium diamond to cut porcelain. Also suitable for most glass tiles. A very neat cutting blade.
  3. Tile Slysa Turbo Premium: A fast cutting blade, even through the hardest grade 5 porcelain, marble or granite. Popular with professional tilers.

For shaping slabs or masonry we also offer curve cutting diamond blades with turbo style edge for fast, neat cutting.



Curve Cutting Diamond Blades

Curve cutting diamond blades These are dished shaped diamond blades to help cut curves and shapes in tiles and masonry. Available in size 115, 125 and 180mm for angle grinders.

Tile Slysa Premium Diamond Blades For Glass & Porcelain

Tile Slysa Premium for cutting porcelain and glass. These thin blades have a high diamond concentration giving excellent clean cutting action on all tiles including porcelain as well as glass and ceramic.

Tile Slysa Turbo Premium. Fast Cutting Porcelain Tile Blades

Tile Slysa Turbo Premium for porcelain tiles. Our ultimate solution for really hard materials such as grade 5 porcelain floor tiles. This range is available from 115mm to 355mm for a wide range of machines.

Tile Slysa Diamond Disc Blades For Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tile disc blade Our ceramic tile cutting range covers most wet tile cutting saws. These discs are ideal for standard ceramic tiles.

Tile Blades For Circular Saws

Tile Cutting Diamond Blade For Circular Saws  Some users like to cut tiles with circular saws. These tile cutting blades cover some of the popular sizes.