Diamond plated tile drill.

Diamond Drill Bits

Porcelain can be extremely difficult to drill, sometimes wearing through more than one tungsten carbide masonry bit just to drill one hole. These premium diamond bits are a better solution and should last for several holes. We also offer wax filled drill bits for dry drilling.

Dry Use Premium Diamond Tile Drill Bits

Dry Use Tile Drill Bits For Ireland Dry use tile drill bits are ideal for pre-installed situations or where water lubrication would be inconvenient.

Premium Diamond Drill Bits For Porcelain Tiles

Tile drill bit Premium tile drill bits for porcelain and hard materials.Suitable for all grades of porcelain. Available from 5mm to 65mm diameter.

Ceramic and Glass Tile Drills

Ceramic & glass drill bits These diamond tipped drills are designed to provide a neat and economic solution to drilling ceramic and glass tiles.

Tile Drilling Diamond Bits For Angle Grinders

Diamond Drill Bit For Use On Angle Grinders. 32mm.  These tile drill bits are for use with angle grinders. Sizes extend from 25mm to 117mm and suit most plumbing sizes as well as LED cut-outs.