Diamond grinder disc

Diamond Grinding and Routing

We offer diamond grinders for use on angle grinders and floor grinders.

For angle grinders, choose between turbo segmented and double row segmented discs. The undersides of these discs are shown in the photos. Double row segmented discs are usually faster working and are recommended when high stock removal is required on concrete and many stone types. Turbo segmented discs can be easier to use when a smoother finish is required and on harder materials.

Our floor grinder discs fit many common floor grinding machines.

Floor Grinding Plates, 250mm

Floor grinder plate These 250mm floor grinding discs fit most 250mm machines designed for smoothing off concrete and stone floors.

Diamond Grinding Discs: Double Row Segment

Double row diamond grinder Double row segmented diamond grinding discs work fast on concrete. Available in sizes 115, 125 and 180mm.

Diamond Grinding Discs: Turbo Segmented

Diamond turbo grinder Turbo segmented diamond grinding discs give smooth results and work better on harder stone. Available in sizes from 100 to 180mm.

Diamond Grinders - L Segment for Concrete.

Diamond 'L' Grinder for Concrete Floor Grinding L Segment Grinders are ideal for smoothing off concrete. Sizes start at 125mm and include 150mm size for Hilti DG150.

Diamond Profile Routing Wheels

Diamond Profile router wheels These diamond router wheels will put a profiled edge on granite or marble.

PCD Floor Stripping & Preparation Cup Discs

PCD Floor Preparation Cup Disc. PCD Floor Preparation Cup Discs strip floor coatings such as paint, mastic and epoxy rapidly.