Diamond polishing pads

Diamond Polishing Pads

Our diamond pads are premium with good depth of diamond and high quality diamond abrasive to give consistent peformance over several square metres. (Not to be confused with pads which have just surface diamond content for re-polishing small areas.) We offer both wet & dry diamond polishing pads. Both are suitable for marble, granite, concrete and most masonry. 

- Wet polishing pads: Preferred for most applications where water can be used.

- Dry polishing pads: ideal for situations where water would be unwelcome, can be used either dry or wet.

- 3-Step polishing pads: Ideal for smaller areas where a more economical solution is required.

For floor polishing we offer:

- 17in diamond floor pads ('Storm Pads') in 4 grades for deep cleaning through to bright polishing.

- Halo Concrete Polishing Discs in 115mm and 175mm (For 230mm grinders).

For hand use we offer:

- Flexiblocks - Diamond hand blocks from grade 60 right through to grade 7500.

Diamond Polishing Pads - Wet

Wet use diamond polishing pads. Wet use diamond polishing pads are the preferred choice where it is suitable to use water.

Diamond Polishing Pad Accessories

Backing pad for diamond polishing pads Backing pads for use with most polishing machines are available to suit the diamond polishing pads.

Diamond Polishing Pads - Dry

Dry use diamond polishing pads Dry use diamond polishing pads are better for locations where the use of water would be inconvenient, although they can also be used wet if required.

Flexiblocks: Diamond Hand Blocks

Diamond hand blocks Diamond Flexiblocks are diamond faced hand blocks for hand finishing granite, marble, tiles, glass etc.

Diamond Floor Polishing Pads.

Diamond Floor Polishing Pad We stock 17in diamond floor polishing pads ('Storm' pads) for several popular floor polishing machines. 

Halo Concrete Polishing Discs

Concrete Polishing Disc - Halo  Halo pads are discs for smoothing and polishing concrete and a wide range of stone.

180mm Diamond Floor Polishing Discs - Dry Use

Diamond Polishing Pad, 180mm Dry Use  These 180mm diamond pads are used in a similar way to the standard 100mm discs but cover a larger area, such as a floor, faster.