Extended Length Diamond Core Drill Bit

Extended Dry Diamond Core Drill Bits

Applications: These core bits help solve the problem of how to drill into a thick loose-filled wall without the in-fill collapsing back before you have had time to insert the pipe. With 400mm length, the pipe can be inserted as the core bit is withdrawn. Use just like any standard dry diamond core bit. We recommend that a min drill power of 1,000W is used and that it has a clutch or torque limiter for safety. 


  • 400mm barrel length. Reach can be extened further with suitable extension adapters.
  • Lazer welde diamond segments for durability.
  • Premium grade diamond for better drilling into harder stone.
  • Will core into concrete, including with reinforcing bar.
  • Dust feed slots around the exterior.
  • Standard 1/2"BSP female fixing.
  • Guide drill not required, once in the wall it will tend to remain on a straighter course than normal 150mm cores.

Also Available: We stock adaptors if required. We offer a much wider range of diameters in our popular 'Lazer' core bit range. 

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