125mm grip sanding disc.
125mm grip sanding disc.
125mm plain grip sanding disc.
Backing Pad For DA Sander. 125mm

Grip Backed Sanding Discs: 125mm (5in)

Applications: For use on rotary, DA and orbital sanders with velcro type grip backing pads. These sanding discs are ideal for use on a wide range of materials including wood, fillers, lacquers, paint, mild steel and non-ferrous metals.


  • Aluminium oxide abrasive - durable on a wide range of materials.
  • Contains grinding aids for cooler sanding and less clogging.
  • Stocked in plain (no holes) or with 8-hole pattern for dust extraction.
  • Grade 40 (coarsest) is film backed for durability. Other grades are flexible 'C-weight' paper backed.
  • Mixed set contains 10 of each of 6 grades (ie 60 discs).
  • The backing pad is for DA sanders, with standard 5/16" UNF fixing.
  • Conversion disc enables switch from PSA discs to grip discs.

Also Available: We stock a neat hand-block that these discs fit.

Purchasing: Grades 40 to 320 in both plain and 8-hole pattern discs are available from Abrasives World.


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