Halo Concrete Polishing Discs
Halo Concrete Polishing Discs
Halo Concrete Polishing Discs For Standard Angle Grinders
Halo Concrete Polishing Disc - 115mm
Halo Concrete Polishing Disc - 175mm

Concrete Floor Smoothing & Polishing Discs - Halo Pads

Applications: Halo pads are discs ready mounted onto fibreglass backing for use on angle grinders and floor grinders. They will grind (grades 30 and 50), smooth (grades 120 and 220)and polish (grade 400) concrete. Grade 400 finish is ideal for many floors to either seal or paint. Alternatively, it is a good base to further improve with diamond floor pads if required. Standard angle grinders can be used, but the finer grades may benefit from a slower speed using a variable speed angle grinder or a polisher. They can be purchased individually for specific duties, or as a set of 5 grades.


  • Choice of 5 grades from 30 (v coarse) to 400 (v fine).
  • Mounted on a fibreglass and alloy backing - no backing pad required.
  • Standard M14 to fit most grinders and polishers.
  • Size 115mm for 115 and 125mm machines. Size 175mm for 180mm and 230mm machines.
  • Set includes 1 of each grade.

Stock: Sorry, some grades of 115mm discs are currently out of stock.

Also Available: We supply 17" diamond floor pads for fine polishing of concrete and stone floors. We also stock diamond polishing pads for polishing worktops etc. 

Dia (mm)
GradeQtyPart No.Price€*
11550123511£19.80€22.57 Buy now
11550323512£50.49€57.56 Buy now
115400123541£19.80€22.57 Buy now
115400323542£50.49€57.56 Buy now
1755 Grade Set123613£136.00€155.04 Buy now
17530123551£34.00€38.76 Buy now
17550123561£34.00€38.76 Buy now
17550323562£86.70€98.84 Buy now
175120123571£34.00€38.76 Buy now
175120323572£86.70€98.84 Buy now
175220123581£34.00€38.76 Buy now
175220323582£86.70€98.84 Buy now
175400123591£34.00€38.76 Buy now
175400323592£86.70€98.84 Buy now
* Based upon the exchange rate of £0.88 to €1


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