Lazer diamond core drill bits.
Lazer diamond core drill bits.
22mm Lazer diamond core drill bit.
Lazer diamond dry core drill tip.
Lazer diamond dry core drill bit for harder brick and concrete.

Premier 'Lazer' Diamond Core Drill Bits

Applications: These superb core bits are for dry coring walls. They are designed to cut faster through harder facing brick, stone and concrete. With aggressive profiled tips and laser welded construction, they will even cut through reinforcing bar in concrete. Sizes have been selected to cater for modern plumbing pipes, including the plastic based pipes which can have some variation in diameter.


  • Rugged laser welded construction.
  • Aggressive profiled tips that will cut through concrete re-inforcing bar.
  • Premium grade diamond to cut faster.
  • 'N' slot on tips to feed dust from cutting face.
  • Spiral channel on core to feed dust away.
  • 1/2in BSP female threaded standard fitting.

Also Available: We stock a full range of fittings for these core bits. We now stock a small range of extended (400mm) barrel core bits for use on thicker walls. Extended Length Dry Core Diamond Drill

Dia (mm)
Length mmQtyPart No.Price€*
28300113851£22.50€26.10 Buy now
28300313852£57.38€66.56 Buy now
32150113611£22.00€25.52 Buy now
32150313612£56.10€65.08 Buy now
42150113621£25.00€29.00 Buy now
42150313622£63.75€73.95 Buy now
48150113631£26.00€30.16 Buy now
48150313632£66.30€76.91 Buy now
57150113641£28.00€32.48 Buy now
57150313642£71.40€82.82 Buy now
83150113651£31.00€35.96 Buy now
83150313652£79.05€91.70 Buy now
107150113661£34.00€39.44 Buy now
107150313662£86.70€100.57 Buy now
117150113671£37.00€42.92 Buy now
117150313672£94.35€109.45 Buy now
127150113681£41.00€47.56 Buy now
127150313682£104.55€121.28 Buy now
152150113691£48.00€55.68 Buy now
152150313692£122.40€141.98 Buy now
162150113701£56.00€64.96 Buy now
162150313702£142.80€165.65 Buy now
* Based upon the exchange rate of £0.86 to €1


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