Metal Cutting Circular Saws Blade

TCT Circular Saw Blades For Ductile Metal

Applications: These blades are designed to cut the metals commonly used in construction such as mild steel and ductile cast iron. The sizes stocked fit popular bench mounted table, chop and mitre saws.

They will also cut softer metals and wood if required.


  • High grade tungsten carbide tips suitable for mild steel.
  • Metal must be clamped before cutting, ie not suitable for hand-feeding.
  • 355mm (14in) size has removable centre adaptor giving options of 25.4 or 30.0mm mounting.
  • Can be re-sharpened by suitable equipment, drawing supplied.
  • Meets requirements for 'Cold-Cutting' on most building sites.
  • Max RPM: 254mm 2,200rpm. 355mm 1,600rpm.

Stock: Sorry, the 254mm size is currently out of stock.

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