PCD Floor Preparation Cup Disc.
PCD Floor Preparation Cup Disc.
PCD Floor Preparation Cup Disc.

PCD Floor Stripping & Preparation Discs

Applications: For use on angle grinders or floor grinders (hand held floor preparation machines) for rapid removal of paint, epoxy, mastic, bitumen and other floor coatings. 

  • Uses polycrystaline diamond (PCD) segments for durability and speed.
  • Generous PCD count for rapid action and longer life.
  • Fits standard angle grinders and floor preparation machines with standard 22.2mm flanges.
  • Rapid removal rate, (wear eye and dust protection).


Dia (mm)
Bore (mm)SegmentsQtyPart No.Price€*
11522.29119131£68.00€78.88 Buy now
11522.29319132£173.40€201.14 Buy now
12522.212119141£81.00€93.96 Buy now
12522.212319142£206.55€239.60 Buy now
18022.218119151£109.00€126.44 Buy now
18022.218319152£277.95€322.42 Buy now
* Based upon the exchange rate of £0.86 to €1


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