Turbo porcelain tile cutting blade showing stiffening flange ring.
Turbo porcelain tile cutting blade showing stiffening flange ring.
This range of porcelain tile cutting diamond disc blades extends from115mm upwards.
Turbo edge for smooth cutting porcelain tiles.

Tile Slysa Turbo Premium. Fast Cutting Tile Blades

Applications: For fast cutting even the hardest grades of porcelain as well as ceramic, terrazzo, marble, granite. Can be used on engineering brick and other hard materials. Suitable for tile cutting machines (wet) and angle grinders (dry).


  • Turbo edged with premium diamond segment for fast cutting.
  • Turbo rim is self cooling, hence suitable for dry use on angle grinders.
  • Central stiffening flange helps minimise flexing to ensure straight cutting.
  • Low chip cutting.
  • Good discounts for multiple quantities.

Also Available: We stock a range of premium tile drills suitable for porcelain tiles.

Dia (mm)
Width (mm)Bore (mm)QtyPart No.Price€*
1151.222.2118191£16.80€19.49 Buy now
1151.222.2318192£42.84€49.69 Buy now
1151.222.21018195£126.00€146.16 Buy now
1251.222.2118201£19.20€22.27 Buy now
1251.222.2318202£48.96€56.79 Buy now
1251.222.21018205£144.00€167.04 Buy now
1501.525.4118211£24.00€27.84 Buy now
1501.525.4318212£61.20€70.99 Buy now
1501.525.41018215£180.00€208.80 Buy now
1801.622.2118221£27.60€32.02 Buy now
1801.622.2318222£70.38€81.64 Buy now
1801.622.21018225£207.00€240.12 Buy now
1801.625.4118231£27.60€32.02 Buy now
1801.625.4318232£70.38€81.64 Buy now
1801.625.41018235£207.00€240.12 Buy now
2001.622.2118921£31.60€36.66 Buy now
2001.622.2318922£80.58€93.47 Buy now
2001.622.21018925£237.00€274.92 Buy now
2001.625.4118241£31.60€36.66 Buy now
2001.625.4318242£80.58€93.47 Buy now
2001.625.41018245£237.00€274.92 Buy now
2301.622.2118251£42.00€48.72 Buy now
2301.622.2318252£107.10€124.24 Buy now
2301.622.21018255£315.00€365.40 Buy now
2301.625.4119161£42.00€48.72 Buy now
2301.625.4319162£107.10€124.24 Buy now
2501.825.4118831£48.00€55.68 Buy now
2501.825.4318832£122.40€141.98 Buy now
3002201182813£68.00€78.88 Buy now
3002203182823£173.40€201.14 Buy now
300225.41182812£68.00€78.88 Buy now
300225.43182822£173.40€201.14 Buy now
3002301182811£68.00€78.88 Buy now
3002303182821£173.40€201.14 Buy now
3552.225.4118271£79.00€91.64 Buy now
3552.225.4318272£201.45€233.68 Buy now
3552.225.41018275£592.50€687.30 Buy now
* Based upon the exchange rate of £0.86 to €1


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