Precision Granite Turbo Diamond Blade

Precision Cutting Turbo Blades

Applications: For neat low-chip cutting of hard stone and clay materials, including granite, marble, brick, roof tiles and paving blocks. The sizes available are for use on 9in (230mm) angle grinders and 12in (300mm) petrol saws.


  • Continuous rim turbo segment giving neat cutting action.
  • Premium diamond cluster giving fast cutting action on hard materials.
  • Highly effective cooling through turbo design and cooling holes in base plate.
  • Low noise cutting compared to standard segmented diamond blades.
  • Generous 12mm depth of diamond segment for long life.

 Also Available: For cutting tiles, please see the Tile Slysa Turbo Premium Range.

Dia (mm)
Bore (mm)Width (mm)QtyPart No.Price€*
1152.222.2116021£12.50€14.25 Buy now
1152.222.2316022£33.75€38.48 Buy now
1152.222.21016025£100.00€114.00 Buy now
1252.222.2116031£15.00€17.10 Buy now
1252.222.21016035£120.00€136.80 Buy now
1252.222.21016032£40.50€46.17 Buy now
2302.622.2112951£31.00€35.34 Buy now
2302.622.2312952£89.10€101.57 Buy now
2302.622.21012955£264.00€300.96 Buy now
300320112961£58.00€66.12 Buy now
300320312962£156.60€178.52 Buy now
3003201012965£464.00€528.96 Buy now
* Based upon the exchange rate of £0.88 to €1


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