Aluminium Cutting Circular Saw Blade

TCT Circular Saw Blades For Aluminium

Applications: For cutting aluminium in its various forms including bar, extrusion and castings. The 350mm version fits popular chop saws and the 250mm version fits many mitre saws. They are thus useful for the manufacture of window and door frames as well as for many aluminium fabrication applications. Will also cut wood, plastics and similar materials.


  • Tunsten carbide tipped graded for aluminium.
  • Metal should be clamped before cutting (not suitable for hand feeding).
  • Fits popular bench mounted table chop and mitre saws.
  • Can  be re-sharpened by suitable equipment. Re-sharpening drawing included. 
  • Max RPM: 250mm 3,800rpm, 355mm 2,700rpm.
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