Quick Change Roloc Compatible Disc Kit

Quick Change (Roloc Compatible) Disc Starter Kits

Applications: These kits contains all the 50mm quick change disc grades from 24 (ultra coarse) to very fine 320 grade as well as surface conditioning and stripping discs. This makes it ideal for any workshop and will be useful for any metalworking task from weld removal and blending to fine metal finishing. Will perform well on a wide range of metal, including stainless. Also works well on wood and fillers. The pack contains 2 holders for use on a wide range of tools including air-tools, metal polishers, drills and angle grinders. 


  • Threaded button mounted discs for quick changes through the grades.
  • Compatible with 'Roloc', 'Lockit' and similar systems.
  • Grades 24-120 are zirconium abrasive making them suitable for stainless steel. Grades 180-320 are aluminium oxide.
  • 50mm kit includes 101 discs, 2 holders and a handy carry case.

Kit Contents:

50mm Discs : 10 each grades 24, 36, 50, 60, 80, 120, 240, 320 + 3 each grade coarse, medium and fine surface conditioning (SCM) + 2 stripping discs + 1 M14 holder + 1 spindle mounted holder.

Purchasing: You can buy these kits on our Abrasives World website.



Dia (mm)
QtyPart No.
50mm Kit122744