Unitised Roloc Type Discs
Unitised Roloc Type Discs
Roloc Compatible Quick Change Felt Polishing Disc

Quick Change Polishing Discs

Applications: These discs are ideal for metal fabricators, metal sculpters and marine engineers to polish or re-polish metal, including stainless steel. These quick change discs are especially suited to polishing small areas such as areas of repair. The unitised discs, often known as pre-polishing discs, will smooth to a bright finish (grade 5), or can be used to clean, remove scratch marks (grade 7) and prepare the surface for final polishing. The felt discs are for use with polishing compound and are suitable for achieving polished surfaces up to mirror finish.


Unitised Discs: These are made of re-pocessed non-woven abrasive to give a fine, controlled finish. The grade 7 is more aggressive and will remove surface coatings and scratch marks. Grade 5 will remove minor scratches and blemishes and leave a bright finish. 

Felt Discs: 6mm felt, suitable for carrying polishing compounds for polishing. The finish achiueved depends upon the polish used. Hint: It is better not to use more than 1 polish type on a disc, or it will be harder to achieve the required finish.

Purchasing: These discs are available to buy on our Abrasives World website. Click here for unitised discs or here for felt discs.

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