Rapid Combi Disc

Rapid Combi Discs

Applications: For use on metal polishers and angle grinders, Rapid Combi Discs (RCDs) will save significant time in producing high quality finishes when removing tig and other welds. A common application is removing the tig welds on stainless steel handrails, leaving the brushed finish in the direction of the finish on the tube. RCDs give a controlled action to minimise the production of unwanted flats on curved surfaces. They are also ideal for smoothing off pitted and uneven surfaces and dressing shapes such as propellors and turbines. Patented and manufactured by Cibo Abrasives.


  • Alternate layers of selected coated and non-woven abrasive.
  • Mounted to a backing plate. No backing pad required.
  • Max speed: 115mm; !3,200rpm. 125mm 12,200rpm.
  • Recommended speed: 6,000rpm or lower for finer finishes.


Dia (mm)
Bore (mm)GradeQtyPart No.Price€*
115Coarse22.2126031£10.66€12.37 Buy now
115Coarse22.21026032£95.40€110.66 Buy now
115Medium22.2126041£10.66€12.37 Buy now
115Medium22.21026042£95.40€110.66 Buy now
115V Fine22.2126051£10.66€12.37 Buy now
115V Fine22.21026052£95.40€110.66 Buy now
125Coarse22.2126061£11.89€13.79 Buy now
125Coarse22.21026062£106.40€123.42 Buy now
125Medium22.2126071£11.89€13.79 Buy now
125Medium22.21026072£106.40€123.42 Buy now
125V Fine22.2126081£11.89€13.79 Buy now
125V Fine22.21026082£106.40€123.42 Buy now
* Based upon the exchange rate of £0.86 to €1


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