Roloc compatible Strip Clean disc.
Roloc compatible Strip Clean disc.
Roloc compataible backing pad for angle grinders.
Roloc compataible backing pad with 6mm shaft.

Roloc Compatible Button Mounted Stripping Discs

Applications: Stripping paint, rust, varnish and other coatings from metal, fillers or wood. These are ideal for treating small areas such as car body panels, boat fittings, gates etc. Use a suitable backing pad, available for either collet mounting or M14 threaded for standard angle grinders.


  • Diameters: 50mm (2") and 75mm (3").
  • Strip Clean open structure material for low clogging.
  • Extra coarse grade silicon carbide abrasive.
  • Mounting compatible with 'Roloc', 'Lockit' and similar quick fix systems.
  • Backing pads available with 6mm shaft or M14 thread.
  • (Roloc and Lockit are trade marks of 3M and Cibo Abrasives respectively.)

 Purchasing: These discs are available to buy with generous quantity discounts on the Abrasives World website.