Abrasive sanding belts for powerfiles and belts sanders.
Abrasive sanding belts for powerfiles and belts sanders.
Spindle mounted abrasive flap wheels.
Strip clean stripping discs to clean & strip metal and wood.
Stainless steel wire brush wheels.
Fibre backed abrasive sanding discs.
Abrasive sanding discs for orbital and rotary sanders.
Flap discs in zirconium abrasive.
Hand sanding blocks for grip discs

Sanding & Stripping: Discs, Belts, Wheels, Rolls and Hand Blocks

We offer popular ranges of abrasive sanding and stripping discs and belts in high specification materials to out-perform more basic products.

Flap Discs

Zirconium flap disc We offer great value and performance flap discs, which are ideal for all steel grades including stainless and hard alloys.

Stripping Discs

Strip Clean polycarbide discs to clean & strip metal and wood. Stripping discs are probably the fastest products to clean & strip rust, paint, vanish and grime from metal and wood. They don't load up like most sanding products.

Flap Wheels

Spindle mounted flap wheels. Flap wheels can provide fast, but gentle, abrasive action and are now available for angle grinders as well as other power tools.

Abrasive Sanding Belts

Abrasive sander belts We offer highly competitive sanding belts for portable belt sanders in both 3in and 4in (75 and 100mm) widths and a range for popular belt sanding machines.

Sanding Discs - Grip Backed

Abrasive sanding discs, grip backed. Our grip backed abrasive sanding discs are stocked in 125 and 150mm diameters for most orbital and rotary disc sanders.

Coarse Sanding Discs

Fibre backed sanding discs, zirconium. We stock coarse sanding discs, from extreme grade 8 for aggressive work on masonry to zirconium fibre discs for grinding metal.

Quick Change Discs (Roloc Type)

Quick Change, Roloc Type Sanding Discs Quick change discs are compatible with Roloc™ and other button mounted disc systems. They are ideal for metalwork, body repair work and detailed woodwork.

Sandpaper Rolls

Sanding Rolls  We stock conveniently sized 115mm rolls for half-sheet and palm sanders as well as for use by hand.

Wire Brush Wheels: Stainless Steel Wire

Stainless steel wire brush wheels are ideal for work on stainless steel fabications and castings. They are also handy for masonry cleaning where rust stains are undesirable.

Wire Brush Wheels: Steel Wire

Wire brush wheel for bench mounting.  We offer a selection of quality but economical wire brush wheels in steel wire.

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