Wire brush cup wheel, crimped wire.
Wire brush cup wheel, crimped wire.
Wire brush cup wheel, twisted knot wire.
Protected Wire Cup Brush

Cup Brushes: Steel Wire

Applications: These cup brushes are for use on angle grinders and metal polishing machines with standard M14 spindles. The twisted knot brushes will give extra aggression when working on weld splatter, heavy rusting or deep-layered coatings. The brass coated steel wire brushes give more controlled action in cleaning and coating removal. We stock the popular 60-65mm sizes and also a large diameter 125mm size to maximise efficiency when using 125mm and larger machines.


  • Twisted knots made with steel wire or crimped brass coated steel wire.
  • M14 fitting fits most standard angle grinder and polisher spindles.
  • Sold individually and in packs of 3 or 12 at generous discounts
  • 100mm Cup brush has protection ring to minimise risk from broken wires.


Dia (mm)MountingQtyPart No.
BCS Crimped60M14127521
BCS Crimped125M14127531
Protected BCS100M14127641
Twisted Knot65M14127541
Twisted Knot125M14127551