Strip Clean plain stripping disc.
Strip Clean plain stripping disc.
Strip Clean plain stripping disc with mandrel fitted

Plain Stripping Wheels

Applications: The plain stripping wheels have a 13mm central hole for either mounting on an arbor with a spindle, or for mounting on a fixed shaft machine such as a bench grinder or polisher. A tapered spindle usually works well. These are normally used on edge as wheels. The 150mm size mounted on a bench grinder is a popular option for cleaning hand held parts and components. They are also effective in graining stainless steel. The mandrel can accommodate 2 discs to make a wider wheel, and enables the discs to be used in a drill chuck.


  • Flat disc with 13mm centre bore.
  • Shaft / mandrel assembly available (See second photo.)
  • Two discs can be mounted together on mandrel to make a wider wheel.
  • Slightly flexible to avoid gouging.

Mandrel (Shaft Assembly): Buy last listed item (Part No 22052) for mandrel to suit these discs. Mandrel includes mounting bolt, nut and 2 washers.

Purchasing: These wheels are available to purchase on our Abrasives World website.

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