Strip Clean discs to clean & strip metal and wood.

Stripping Discs 'Strip Clean'

Applications: To clean and strip metal and wood. Use on paint, varnish, grime, old grout and rust. Also useful for grain finishing stainless steel.

Product Types: Available in 4 different mountings:

  • Backed discs for using on face with angle grinders and metal polishers.
  • Plain discs with centre holes for mounting on a fixed shaft machines, such as bench polishers.
  • Spindle mounted discs for mounting straight into chucks on drills etc.
  • Quick change small discs for Roloc & Lockit compatible holders.


Angle Grinder Cup Stripping Discs

Strip Clean Cup Disc to Clean & Strip Metal and Wood, size 115mm. Strip Clean cup stripping discs fit angle grinders and are used face down to strip large areas quickly. No backing pad needed.

Plain Stripping Wheels

Strip clean disc - plain. Plain stripping wheels can be mounted to fixed spindle machines, or by using our mandrel (shaft assembly) they can be mounted for use on hand tools.

Spindle Mounted Stripping Discs

Strip Clean shaft mounted polycarbide stripping disc. These spindle mounted 'Strip Clean' stripping discs can be put straight in to a chuck for immediate use. Available in 100mm diameter.

Quick Change (Roloc Compatible) Stripping Discs

Roloc compatible polycarbide Strip Clean disc. These quick change 50 and 75mm stripping discs are compatible with Roloc and similar systems and are ideal for small repairs.