Unitised Metal Polishing Disc

Unitised Pre-Polishing (SAG) Discs

Applications: For use on rotary polishers or angle grinders (preferably variable speed). The discs are backed to mount directly onto the machine without a backing pad. Use grade 5 to polish metal from a sanded base of around 220 or finer to produce a bright finish. Grade 5 will also remove scuff and light scratch marks and clean light coatings and tarnishing. Grade 7 is coarser and will remove medium scratch and grind marks.  Can be used on fixed speed angle grinders, but it is easier to achieve finer finishes at lower speeds. 


  • Made with re-processed non-woven abrasive for gentle controlled action.
  • Mounted to a backing plate (no backing pad required).
  • Grade 5 (fine) or Grade 7 (medium).
  • Max speed: 115mm 10,000rpm, 125mm 8,000rpm.
  • Recommended speed: 115mm 5,000rpm (or less), 125mm 4,000rpm (or less).
Dia (mm)
GradeQtyPart No.Price€*
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11522.2526092£75.00€88.50 Buy now
11522.2126101£22.00€25.96 Buy now
11522.2526102£85.00€100.30 Buy now
12522.2126111£26.50€31.27 Buy now
12522.2526112£105.00€123.90 Buy now
12522.2126121£29.50€34.81 Buy now
12522.2526122£118.00€139.24 Buy now
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