Wet Diamond Core Drill Bit

Applications: These diamond core bits are used with suitable hand drills and driling rigs to core out holes in concrete, including reinforced concrete, or stone. They require industry standard 1.25" UNC male adaptors. For use wet, hence usually for vertical use. The high quality 'turbo' style diamond segments help give faster coring speed and a neat edged hole. 


  • For wet use, normally on suitable hand-held drills or fixed drilling rigs.
  • Premium diamond tips for faster cutting in hard materials.
  • 'Turbo' sytle diamond segments help with fast, neat cutting and tip cooling.
  • 1 1/4" female UNC fitting.
  • For use on concrete, reinforced concrete and stone.

Also Available: We offer a premium range of dry use diamond core drill bits for walls.

Dia (mm)
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