Wire Brush Wheels: Stainless Steel Range

We currently stock wire brush wheels in stainless steel grade AIS1302 or higher in serveral configurations:

  • Cup Brushes For Angle Grinders: Ideal for surface work such as on stainless steel sheet. Also handy for masonry.
  • Wheel Brushes For Angle Grinders: Ideal for getting into welds on fabrications and pipe joints.
  • Bench Mounted Wheels: With multiple centres for rotating shaft machines. Ideal for applicatiosn where you can present the workpiece by hand.
  • Spindle Mounted Radial Wheels: For drills and 6mm collets. Sizes from 30-100mm.
  • Spindle Mounted End Brush: Ideal for cleaning cylinders and recesses.


Wire Cup Brushes - Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel Wire Cup Brushes.  Cup brushes give aggressive cleaning action on metal, masory or brickwork using angle grinders or polishers.

Angle Grinder Brush Wheels: Stainless

Bevel Profile Stainless Steel Wire Brush Wheel These angle grinder brush wheels have twisted knot wire for aggressive action on stainless tig welds etc.

Bench Mounted Wire Brush Wheels - Stainless Steel

Bench Mounted Wire Brush Wheel - Stainless Steel  Bench mounted wire brush wheels are ideal when the workpiece can be hand-held to the wheel.

Spindle Mounted Radial Wire Wheels - Stainless Steel

Spindle Mounted Radial Wire Brush Wheel  Spindle mounted radial wire wheels are stocked in diameters 30-100mm. 

Spindle Mounted Pointed End Brush - Stainless Steel

Stainless steel wire pointed end brush  Pointed end wire bushes are ideal for claening and de-carbonising cylinders. 

Narrow Stainless Steel Brush Wheels For Pipeline Welds

Narrow Faced Stainless Steel Brush Wheel For Pipeline Welds  These twisted knot brush wheels have a narrow face of just 6mm in order to reach into deep-set pipeline and other welds.