Premium Zirconium Flap Disc

Zirconium Flap Discs - Premium

Applications: These premium ziconium flap discs are made by Cibo Abrasives, specialists in metalworking abrasives, especially for stainless steel. For most metals and the ideal choice for working on stainless  as well as mild steel. Use coarse grade 40 for grinding and stock removal, down to 120 grade for finer finishing and preparation. For use on angle grinders.


  • High grade blend of zirconium abrasive, suitable for hard metals.
  • Good flap count and size for durability.
  • Sizes for 100, 115 and 125mm angle grinders. Also 180mm for both 180mm and 230mm (7in & 9in) anngle grinders.
  • Quality product made in Belgium by Cibo Abrasives.
  • Packed in 10s, but available singly.
Dia (mm)
Bore (mm)GradeQtyPart No.Price€*
1001640125141£1.90€2.17 Buy now
10016401025145£17.10€19.49 Buy now
10016404025143£57.20€65.21 Buy now
1001660125151£1.90€2.17 Buy now
10016601025155£17.10€19.49 Buy now
10016604025153£57.20€65.21 Buy now
1001680125161£1.90€2.17 Buy now
10016801025165£17.10€19.49 Buy now
10016804025163£57.20€65.21 Buy now
10016120125081£1.90€2.17 Buy now
100161201025085£17.10€19.49 Buy now
100161204025083£57.20€65.21 Buy now
11522.240122061£2.02€2.30 Buy now
11522.2401022065£18.20€20.75 Buy now
11522.2404022063£60.80€69.31 Buy now
11522.24010022066£121.00€137.94 Buy now
11522.260122101£2.02€2.30 Buy now
11522.2601022105£18.20€20.75 Buy now
11522.2604022103£60.80€69.31 Buy now
11522.26010022106£121.00€137.94 Buy now
11522.280122071£2.02€2.30 Buy now
11522.2801022075£18.20€20.75 Buy now
11522.2804022073£60.80€69.31 Buy now
11522.28010022076£121.00€137.94 Buy now
11522.2120125131£2.02€2.30 Buy now
11522.21201025135£18.20€20.75 Buy now
11522.21204025133£60.80€69.31 Buy now
11522.212010025356£121.00€137.94 Buy now
12522.240125121£2.24€2.55 Buy now
12522.2401025125£20.20€23.03 Buy now
12522.2404025123£67.20€76.61 Buy now
12522.24010025126£134.00€152.76 Buy now
12522.260125091£2.24€2.55 Buy now
12522.2601025095£20.20€23.03 Buy now
12522.2604025093£67.20€76.61 Buy now
12522.26010025096£134.00€152.76 Buy now
12522.280125101£2.24€2.55 Buy now
12522.2801025105£20.20€23.03 Buy now
12522.2804025103£67.20€76.61 Buy now
12522.28010025106£134.00€152.76 Buy now
12522.2120125111£2.24€2.55 Buy now
12522.21201025115£20.20€23.03 Buy now
12522.21204025113£67.20€76.61 Buy now
12522.212010025116£134.00€152.76 Buy now
18022.240125261£6.45€7.35 Buy now
18022.2401026265£51.60€58.82 Buy now
18022.2404025266£193.50€220.59 Buy now
* Based upon the exchange rate of £0.88 to €1


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