Diamond grinding disc, turbo segmented.

Diamond Grinding Discs: Turbo Segmented

Applications: For grinding and smoothing all stone and concrete types, giving a relatively smooth result. For use with angle grinders. A finish can be achieved that is suitable for polishing with diamond polishing pads. The preferred choice for stone masons.


  • Turbo segmented making it easier to achieve a smoother result.
  • Suitable for grinding harder stone types.
  • 5mm deep usable diamond segments for long life.
  • Premium diamond grade for harder stone.
  • 100mm has M14 fitting for 115mm and larger grinders (ie not suited to 100x16mm angle grinders).
  • Sizes 100mm and 115mm have M14 interal nuts. 125mm and larger have 22.2mm bore to sit on the spindle flanges.
  • Use 180mm size on 180mm or 230mm angle grinders.

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